Friday, August 14, 2009

Working in the Office

As I type this, I'm over at the DRF office with Rob and Rufus. After we looked at the timetable to finish up the horror film we're working on, we started going through the different composers that we want to consider for the upcoming movie. I posted an ad on Craig's List about the opportunity, and I sorted through 40 composers to find the best dozen to pass onto Rob. He is going through some of the websites and sample tracks now, since it is ultimately his decision and his deal that he has to make with the composer. I'm the Internet middle man who pulled the people out of the web and put them in front of the director so he could make a choice. I guess that's sometimes what real producers do. We're doing all the work cooped up in the office, all three of us working away at our laptops. It's just a question of finding the way to make money doing this.


JParis said...

Can an actor really be THAT busy?

(so my Word Verification word of the day was "fecepro". really nice)

Nick said...

Funny, JParis, I was writing an entry at almost the same time you were commenting on this. And my word is minwa!