Saturday, September 5, 2009

Philly Fringing

This weekend marks the beginning of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. My current show, D&S, is a part of the Fringe, as well as about 100 different pieces of theatre. And that doesn't even include all the music, dance, improv, comedy, or Live Arts pieces out there. Some of my fellow castmates broke in the Fringe last Thursday night with a late night performance of a live-reading of a comic book. The book was from the 1940s, and so it was pretty trippy to hear all of that old-time dialogue again. There are three different comic books that are a part of the reading, and after seeing the Wonder Woman installment, I am going to check out the Batman reading. They aren't doing a Superman one, or I would have felt very left out!

Most of my Fringe festival this year is occupied with either performances/rehearsals for D&S, or with rehearsals for my upcoming J&H. I do have a few nights in there off, and I am going to be able to see the shows that some friends are putting up. One of the most amazing parts of the Philly theatre scene is the overall support and feeling of community, so I'm going to go out and encourage that spirit.

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