Monday, July 20, 2009

The results are in

We recently submitted a short film to an online contest. You can see the film at this link: It's only 8 minutes, so please click on it, watch our movie, and then vote on it and leave a comment. Thanks so much!

In any case, the judging happened over the weekend and the results of the contest were posted today on the website of the sponsor. We ranked fifth overall, but we were in the top three for almost all of the individual categories. We were the number one ranked film in terms of production design, which is a major feather in the cap. The webseries on which the contest was based has a strong comedic flair to it, and our piece was lacking that sense of humor. We were always convinced that we weren't going to win the contest, but we were rather using the contest as a way of forcing ourselves to have a finished product of this vampire movie we had in our heads. So there will be no money coming into our wallets as a result of this project, but it is a really strong short film on its own. Now it's a matter of finding some more contests where we can get our investment moneys back.

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JParis said...

Congrats to you guys. Excellent film.