Sunday, July 19, 2009

500 People and 6 Dogs

That was our audience on Saturday night out in West Goshen for MND. And what a rowdy and smart audience it was. The crowd was laughing very early on at all the text-based jokes in the first scene in the Athenian court, so we knew they were just going to laugh even harder when the rude mechanicals came out and started to fall all over each other. Our act-ending four-way fight scene was really cooking, and we walked away from the scene with another round of applause for our work. Some of the pieces of combat were the best that they had ever been, and the audience was more than willing to go along for the ride. The community out there is very supportive of the theatre that this company brings out there, and it really shines through. When we ran out on stage for the first time, we could feel how much the audience was with us, and we were being pushed along by their support. It was a wonderful performance to end the week with.

And now we have two days off before we come back for our final week of shows. We have a show Tuesday night (a make-up performance from one that was rained out), and then Wed, Thurs, and Saturday shows as regularly scheduled. We are also heading off into a venue that we've never been to before, as well as some of our largest and most challenging spaces. Saturday at Love Park in Philly, we'll have to compete with street noise and traffic noises. But then after that, we've got two different cast parties planned on the same night, and then we all go our separate ways. It will be sad when it happens, but for now we still have four shows left where we get to play together.

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