Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bringing the Thunder

Last night, we were out in Lansdowne for another performance of MND, and it was strong right out of the gate. We had two days off, the cast had dispersed into their own various projects and lives, and then we had to come back together to rock the ground with another performance. The show rocked, and it didn't have any rough patches that I was expecting it to. The four-way fight between the lovers really cooked, and there was only one moment in the entire show that I blanked out on my next line. Lucky for me, it only took about a second to find it again, and the show continued without even a hiccup. But now I know the part of the lines that I should review before every show, whether or not we've had two days off. And what really shocks me is that it wasn't that part I thought I was going to forget - it was something completely different! We have three more shows this week, and then three more next week, and then it's on to the next show.


jcp said...

I was really expecting this post to be about how you'd gotten colossally rained out.

JParis said...

Hey Nick. Glad the show is going well. Would love to see it but too busy right now with a townhouse we bought a couple weeks ago. Spending a lot of time getting it fixed up. We move mid August. Keep in touch.