Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Church basement theatre

Last night was our rain date performance out in East Falls. Since it had rained all day yesterday as well, the production was moved indoors to our alternate performance space... in the basement of a nearby neighborhood church. It was lovely and generous for them to give us a space on what was rather short notice. The space, however, presented a new set of challenges because of its size-or lack thereof. Instead of one open space, we had a two-level space, including the tiny stage that is a part of numerous church basements. We had only a little bit of time to adjust to our new space, and then we were thrust into the performance.

Overall, the performance went very well. There were a few times when we did some business on the stage, and as soon as I exited I thought to myself, "Now, I could have done that differently..." But on the whole, we as a cast did a great job of making some on-the-fly adjustments to the situation in which we found ourselves. Tonight is a much different space, in the sense that we are now going to be playing on a large grassy lawn. The amphitheater is lovely (we were there last year), but it does take some serious vocal heft to get your voice past the first thirty feet of incline. Only three shows left.

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