Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rockin' the Callback

I'm writing this entry from a Panera Bread Company, having finished the callbacks for the Philly Fringe show that I'm a part of. They called me in to read with some other potential cast members, and it was pretty fun. It's always good to see Cara, the director, again, and I even ran into a friend I made on the set of Airbender. And since we were trying to get in touch with her anyway, it was a lucky strike in everyone's book. I was really grateful to get the chance to do a callback and read for the show, since it gave me the chance to work on a brief little scene with Cara before I show up for the readthrough. This way, I've gotten a little taste of what she's working on with the show, and I'm going to be in a similar boat to all the other members of the cast.

I expected to read with several different actresses for the role, but I only read with one who they had seen a few weeks before. She was really nice and very sweet, and I'm curious to see which way Cara goes with the casting. I also knew a bunch of people who were there before me, and I was trying my best to put in good words for them. I'm always exited to meet new and talented people, but I'm even more excited to work on new projects with old friends.

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