Saturday, May 16, 2009

Putting myself out there

As I write this, I'm sitting in the lobby of the Philadelphia Airport Hilton, having just finished an audition for a short film called "White Chip." The director sent me a side from the film "The Truman Show" to prepare, which I did, and then he had me read a scene from his own short film script. He complimented me both on my performance and my diction. He could tell I had a Shakespearean/classical background because of how well I spoke, which he said was a benefit because I could bring a believable nature to a lot of different roles. We spoke about the project and about which roles I felt that I was the closest to, and whether or not I had any life experience that would let me play one of the roles. After a brief discussion about the schedule (which I am very busy for), he thanked me for coming in and I left.

I felt really good about the audition, even if my schedule conflicts mean that I won't get a role. It's always good to get out there and put yourself up for something, because then the odds will be much better when the chance comes around to audition for something that you really want. And I saw three friends from Airbender at the audition, and I know of at least two more who will be there this afternoon, so it's really quite a small community here in Philly. I'm writing this before I head off to my next rehearsal of the day. For a Saturday, I'm keeping myself pretty busy with work-related tasks....

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