Saturday, May 16, 2009

A busy day

For my fourth and final entry of the day, I'm back at home writing from my desk. After the callbacks, I spent some time going over the email submissions for the short film we have coming up. After arranging everything and catching up on all that correspondence, I'm now kicked back with a beer watching the my tape that has the final two episodes of this season of "Smallville." There is a big surprise in the finale, and I'm getting excited to see what it is.

Tomorrow, Rob, Mason and I are heading out toward the Harrisburg area to scout locations for our upcoming short film. We had hoped to get an early start, but it turns out that our location won't be available until closer to 1pm. It means that we'll have a shorter day than we wanted, but if we plan correctly, we still think that we can finish up everything we wanted to finish. We'll be racing both the clock and the weather, but we still think that we can do some good work. I'll have my camera and I'll try to post some pictures, but tomorrow is finally going to give us the best idea of what this movie is going to be.

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JParis said...

Wow, good thing I had some time tonight to caught up on the multiple entries! Glad you're keeping busy and having some fun too. Hope your scouting went well today. Later!