Sunday, March 1, 2009

In like a lion...

As incongruous as it might be to watch the the snow fall outside and the Phillies play exhibition baseball on TV, that's just what the area has in store for March. Today it's a little chilly, but by the end of the week it could be in the sixties again. Who knows? I've spent the last week or so being pretty sick, which accounts for both the lack of updates to the blog as well as the three updates to the blog that were made yesterday. Okay, those updates were also a shallow and blatant attempt for me to match some of my monthly posting quotas that I set for myself. But since February is shorter month than all the others, it'll just have to suffer a little bit when it comes to number of postings. Sorry, February.

Since I've been sick with very little to do except putter around my bedroom, I decided to turn some of that restless and rammy energy into something useful. Since I was laid up in my room, I decided to clean it. Empty boxes and old paperwork was either filed correctly or thrown away, and I cleaned out a lot of my "clutter." I expected this work to make my life much easier and my room much more inviting of a space. But what I hadn't counted on was how much more focused and dynamic my whole life feels. I sat down this morning at my desk and wrote a few emails to catch up with friends. I browse jobsites online, then checked out the films that friends had made. I work at a computer every day at my office and I normally don't enjoy spending time sitting at my own desk doing it when I get home. But now that my home office is a much more efficient and enjoyable place to be, hopefully I'll be able to find a way to get even more work done.

Go March!

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