Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Go Round and Round

Before I write and update about the biggest and coolest new thing happening right now, I want to take a moment and just comment that I'm on a bus right now to New York. Yup, you heard me. On the bus. The Bolt Bus features free Wi-Fi, as well as power outlets on the bus for you to plug in your electrical gadgets. More leg-room, $1 fares, convenient bus terminals, and the commercial goes on and on. I travel back and forth from NYC a lot, and this has very quickly become my favorite way of doing so.

I am on my way up there today for an audition for Proof at a theatre in North Jersey. A friend knows the director and speaks very highly of him, so I'm excited to get the chance to meet him and audition for him this morning. It's also convenient that the role of Hal is one for which I am very appropriate. I read the play again over the weekend, and I'm confident and cool with the monologue that I'm now rocking out in auditions for modern plays. The director is also going to give me scenes to read, which is where I think I really shine in the audition process.

After lunch in NYC, it's back home to Philly so I can work on finishing up some films, including the long-delayed indie horror film Preservation. Rob shot the movie a few years ago, and now I'm helping him with some post-production consulting as the film approaches its scheduled release date. We also still have to finish my own short "No Reason" which was completed last September, as well as a few re-edits on old projects that we're hoping we can give some new life. Stick with us as we get that stuff released, as well as all the new projects we're hoping to work on this summer.

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