Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Homeward Bound

One of the crazy and fun things about this life is that I am now back on the bus, headed home to Philadelphia after my NYC audition this morning. Sure, we're still in NYC downtown traffic, but we're on our way. The audition went very well. I did my monologue, and then I read one of the opening scenes of the play with the girl who was there to be a reader. I did the scene once, the director gave me some feedback, and then I did the scene again taking his notes. He was nodding and smiling as he watched me work, which I always take as a good sign when I get it. Then he complimented my work and the change I made to the scene (definitely a good sign), and we briefly chatted about the logistics of the rehearsal and performance schedule. But I nailed the audition. Again, like I say after all of these auditions, nailing it doesn't mean I'm going to get the part. This time around I was recommended to the director by a mutual friend, so it's great to make a good impression for both of our sakes. Plus, he's a very well-known and respected director in the New York theatre community, which is always a good contact to have. And more importantly, is always a good contact to have given a stellar audition for.

Also, this is my 300th post to this blog according to Blogger. Happy Anniversary to me. I guess this means that I'll have to start printing out the earlier pages from my time at Bristol Valley or my various shows with TNT over the years, and I'll be collecting them into a book copy of the blog. Some comments will be presented just as they are online, with bonus pictures and perhaps footnotes. Or endnotes. No, footnotes. Endnotes piss me off with the constant turning of pages. I'll call it the 300th post special edition, signed copies will be available. Look for it on Amazon!


Andrea said...

You and your megalomania. Or is it narcissism? Or both? :)

My esophagus is safe.

Congrats on making it to 300 posts. You should count up how many shows, films, readings, and auditions you covered over that time.

JParis said...

Happy 300th Blog Anniversary!