Saturday, September 6, 2008

Excitements and Challenges

Since this blog also needs some lists as well as paragraphs, I've compiled a list of some things I'm looking forward to about Eurydice. I might add to these as I go through the process, but this is what comes to mind immediately.

- working with Tim again, one of the best directors I’ve had in recent years
- doing a relatively “new” play
- a dual-role, getting to play two elements of the same character
- an ensemble based cast,
- working with younger actors, teaching and leading by example


- making an energetic and larger than life character both funny and frightening
- doing the above without playing him like the Joker from Batman
- taking the risks to push my performance away from the familiar and comfortable


JParis said...

Nice format - a bit easier on the eyes. Hope you had a good time in NY.

Nick said...

Oh, don't get used to these lists, my friend. I'll be back to paragraphs before you know it!

JParis said...