Thursday, September 4, 2008


Earlier this week I started rehearsals for Sarah Ruhl’s “Eurydice” with Cedar Crest College outside of Allentown. I was in “Big Love” and “The Spitfire Grill” with them last year, and it’s very exciting and familiar to head back up north and work with a lot of my friends again. I’m jazzed to work with Tim again, our director, especially on another show that is somewhat “out-there.” I’m playing the dual role of the Nasty Interesting Man and Lord of the Underworld, and Tim and I have already started chatting about all the fun and weird places that this role can take me. I scouted out all those places in “Big Love,” and then walked a much more reserved and narrow line in “The Spitfire Grill.” But this time around I have a more central role that I did in “Big Love,” so it’s not going to be enough to just find those places. I'm going to have to go to all those places. But working with Tim and the rest of this cast, I know it's going to be a worthwhile trip.

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Anonymous said...

on the off chance that you get this: I'm on a tour right now, and cannot find the Eurydice script anywhere we stop, but need to read it for an audition next weekend. Do you know anyplace online I can find some or all of the script?

hoping to hear from you: