Monday, September 15, 2008


Last Tuesday night was my callback for Arms and the Man, and it was a very bizarre one. They asked me to read for the soldier, a role that I'm not really appropriate for. But as I was going over the scene for the callback, I decided that I would have fun with it. I'd approach the show not as I thought the role would be played, but the way in which I would play the role. As I was excited to go in and play this idea, they told us all that we'd actually be reading a different side, reading for the older and crafty servant. And Nick, you'll be first. A little put off by this, I was reading over the new pages frantically before I decided that this didn't at all change the direction that I was heading. I knew that I wasn't appropriate for this role at all, but decided that I'd go in and play the audition with all the honesty and intensity that I could find. And as I was in the room reading with my scene partner, I really felt things sparkle and crackle. Even if I wasn't right for the role, it was a great audition. The director said that I did good work, and that he had seen what he needed. I felt very good about the audition, as strange is this one was. And for someone who often doesn't like the way he auditions, I was proud of this one.

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