Sunday, November 4, 2007

A little Saturday night fun

Last night, we were unlucky to discover we are currently in a dry county that sells no alcohol. But we were lucky to find a bowling alley a block down from our hotel. We bowled three games, and then since we gained an hour of sleep last night due to daylight savings, we stayed up for another two hours playing Settlers of Catan. The game is a lot of fun, but when it's played by a bunch of football-loving, testosterone-driven men, it's just asking for trouble to play this game at 2am. Now we have the day off in Conway, AR before we perform tomorrow at the local university, and I'm spending the day trying not worry about my mix-up. Actually, I've arranged my luggage, made some phone calls, gone through some laundry, shopped at Target, and now I'm surfing on Amazon. We'll start working hard with the rest of my team tomorrow, so I like having some time to myself.

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RMontesano said...

Just to keep you grounded.. There may not have been alcohol but the more serious question is... Were there non-cannabis cigarettes?