Friday, November 2, 2007

Just like a real show

Our theatre this morning was fantastic. The space and building weren't as extravagant as the Tampa Theatre, but this space was all about function and flexibility. We had a great lighting rig, a great sound system, tons of space backstage, and curtains that we could arrange around our set. We worked pretty well with the professional crew provided, and we all had a great morning where we felt like we were doing a "real show." I am all about the educational value of theatre, and I love performing these kinds of show for school children. But working in a space like this theatre today really makes me feel like a real actor. We also got to spend a second night in the same hotel, which is making us feel like we've almost settled for a bit. We found a free lunch at the grand opening of a cellphone company, and then we've had the day off. And to top it all off, we got paid today! Could the day get any better?

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