Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fringe audition

Last night, I auditioned for a play called Java Drama, a site-specific show set in a coffee house for the Philly Fringe. Wandering around the city in sweltering temperatures, I wasn't at all excited about coming out there every night to rehearse. But when I found a rehearsal schedule set during the day, a great group of people, and a show that sounded very interesting and very appropriate for me, I'm totally on board. They said they wanted to cast the role as soon as possible, so I'm expecting to hear some time before lunch. This is the worst part of any actor's life, I think. Waiting those few tense days between the time of the audition and the time of the casting phone call.

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Amanda said...

my really good friend sarah is doing that show!!! combining my 2 favorite things... coffee and live theatre.