Thursday, August 2, 2007

Big Love (no affiliation with the HBO series)

I auditioned last night for a play called "Big Love," by Charles Mee.
It's a re-telling of a Greek play being produced by a college theatre
department in the area. As much as I don't want to do free theatre for a
college, it would fit nicely into my schedule, it would be another show
for the year, more connections, and a good reason to work fewer hours
at Pella Windows. When I first read the script, which was available
online, I wasn't so interested in the project. I went mostly because I had
an audition time, and I knew the show would fit into my schedule
before I left for Romeo and Juliet. But after talking to the director for a
while, I completely changed my mind about the project. He seemed like a
fun guy who had some interesting ideas about the script. He did
confirm the "free" of the free theatre, but he managed to sell me on the idea
of the project. The script is written in a high-style, classical
language, blank verse in places, and there are long monologues that are more
like poetry than speech. It would be an interested project.

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