Friday, April 6, 2012

Okay... So...

Okay, so addressing some of the comments that have been made on my previous post, I wanted to take a quick minute to update the readership about what is going on for this blog, and what's been going on for me in general.

Since I last posted in November (sheesh!), I have been busy working at a major publishing house. I still work in e-book production, and I'm getting my fingers into all sorts of aspects of digital publishing - high-design cookbooks, novels, children's book, a little of the future technology keeps crossing my desk now and then...

But because of the (wonderful) amount of time I spend on my job and on tasks related to it, my independent producing has fallen by the wayside. As it is likely to do, I imagine. But the lack of these things in my life left me feeling a little confused about what to do with this blog. I tried for a while to make it a place for reviews, but that wasn't quite the most satisfying thing for me to be doing. And I said it would be a place for my rants, but that didn't seem right either. Besides, the name of this blog was "Script in Hand" and related specifically to acting and producing, so was it the right place to post reviews of things? But with no acting and very little producing, I didn't want to take to this blog and talk about all the projects I might be working on, or things I wanted to do. That didn't seem like good reading, either.

All of these were the questions I was dealing with (albeit lazily), so I'm not sure what this blog will be in the future. It might still feature the adventures in the non-professional acting  and producing trade, or it might venture into new territory. I also think it may officially end, and I might start an entirely new blog with a new focus on reviews, rants, observations, etc.

So while I said I'm back... I'm not back. I am still around, and I am still wrestling with what SIH should be. When I have an idea, I'll be back. But until then, just as with the RHP podcast, please consider this an indefinite extended hiatus.

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JParis said...

Hi Nick! Good to see this post. Quite understood. I personally would suggest you retire this blog and start with a fresh one. It was quite fun while it lasted and there will always be fond memories. No shame in moving on.