Thursday, November 11, 2010

Foley work Day 3

I'm now three days into my work as the Foley designer for "Dracula" that I mentioned in my last blog post. As we've been rehearsing, the set is coming together around us, and the show is coming together within the set. I've included a picture so you can see what things are like in this working phase.

Off to the right side of this picture is a black platform. When that is fully completed, the sound artists will be up there with their table and effects. Right now, you can see them on the floor in front of the stage (also on the right hand side of the photo.) We've worked out all the different live sound cues, and now the performers are getting a chance to actually perform the sounds as we do runs of the show.

The two students that I'm working with had no experience when we started on Monday, but they are picking it up really quickly. There are the normal amount of technical obstacles to hurdle, but they are getting very good at "acting the sounds."

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JParis said...

Sweet gig, Nick! You're now being sought out, and getting paid for it!

Hey - the window mill finally installed Internet Explorer 8 on our machines and now I have full, uninhibited access to your blog at work. Life is sweet!!...I guess...well, sort, maybe I got a little carried away (if only I could be elsewhere)...