Monday, May 17, 2010


Starting early this morning, I headed out for three different auditions in Philly. First up was for Demetrius in Midsummer Night's Dream, a role that I had played only a year ago. I had worked at this theatre last week as a reader for some of their other auditions, serving as a scene partner to read with people who were actually auditioning. But this time around, the director was looking at me. I had a lot of fun with the audition, and I was also proud that my best work was done at my audition, not all the times I was just the reading partner. It was also interesting because Josh was in the room with me, and Josh had directed me as Demetrius. I was more nervous to perform in front of him than in front of the director of the upcoming show.

Next up was another Shakespeare audition, this time for a season program that included Hamlet, As You Like It, and Henry V. The auditions were held in the theatre were we performed Chad Deity, and this was one of my first occasions to return to the scene of our triumph. I knew the wrestling ring would be long gone, but it was still a sad sight to see that it was all gone. But in terms of the Shakespeare, I did two monologues, one of which was the Duke from 12th Night, and then sang a little bit of a song to show off my voice. The director then talked to me about the callbacks for Henry V, which I'm hoping to go to on Thursday. There are some roles that just can't be turned down in good conscience, and that show has some of them.

Then I had a long lunch/comic shop break, followed by my final audition of the day, which was actually a callback. I spent the night reading different scenes with different partners, while the director was looking for good pairings of actors. I saw some old friends, made some new ones, and generally had a good time, trying to stay very casual and very relaxed. I did some solid work in the scenes, trying lots of different approaches to the material, working to understand and process the character in new and exciting ways. I will post more about the show this week, but the audition was solid. And on unrelated audition notes, I picked up two comic books I've been looking for, listened to a bunch of podcasts, saw Bradley Cooper on the street, and now I'm having a beer, talking to friends, and watching Star Trek.

All days should be like this one.

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