Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Solid weekend

We had some solid, enjoyable performances of 12th Night this last weekend. I had been having a rough week when it came to the shows, and our weekend was enough to remind myself why I'm into this business in the first place. As much as friends may laugh at me for saying this, I really don't get into all the glory-hogging and fame-and-fortune that acting provides. I like doing my job, and I don't always need the accolades that go with it. In fact, I generally enjoy that I can change into ripped jeans and a baseball cap, take out my contacts and put on my glasses, and slip away into the night unnoticed, a theatrical Clark Kent changeover.

But this weekend I had friends in the audience, and I will generally always go out after the show to say hello if I know someone in the crowd. So I went to talk to people two days in a row, and they were so genuinely excited about the show that it was a wonderfully uplifting experience. It gave me just the right shot in the arm to get me through the weekend of performances, propelling me into the final week's worth. Overall, it was a nice reminder of why I do what I do.

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