Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Double-up - Auditions

I had a busy day of auditions on Tuesday. First up was Walnut Street Theatre, trying to sing my way into the understudy company for "Fiddler on the Roof." They called me in for it based on my headshot in their files, and I generally make it policy to go in for any audition that the theatre calls me for. (That's how I got the gig in EECD, so it's a good policy.) So I hopped on the train, popped in the ipod, and was down in Philly, singing for the casting director. She asked me to sing a second song since she hadn't heard me before, and I did pretty well overall. I haven't auditions for many musicals of late, but I held my own and did a solid job. I don't know if they will call me for the gig, and I'm honestly not sure if I want the gig. Understudying is somewhat of a stressful gig, and some people are suited to it. I, with my current jobbing lifestyle, am not.

After coming home for dinner and a quick episode of Star Trek ("Tomorrow is Yesterday"), I got in the car and drove into the city for my second audition, a reading of a play called El Lion. I had been sent audition scenes, and I went into it just planning to have a whole lot of fun. When I actually got to read the scenes, I was lucky enough to be working with two actors in the scenes with me. Sometimes theatres just provide a "reader" to work with, but it is always better to have another actor playing the scene with you. We jumped right in and knocked the chemistry out of the park. It was one of those wonderful and rare auditions where I had a blast working with the other actors, and I ended up having so much fun working the scene that I lost all that "pressure to perform" for the director. Even if I don't get the role, this audition was a good time.

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