Thursday, August 13, 2009

Up and running

I am now full-swing into my rehearsals for D&S, the Philly Fringe show in which I am performing. It's sometimes a strange process for me since my character is only in isolated scenes throughout the show, but all of them are with the same actress playing my wife. Everyone else is in large group scenes, they play multiple characters, and they have all different kinds of energy bouncing through the room. It's bizarre to only have five scenes to play with, but there is also an excitement to that as well. My character has a very clear story-arc that moves well from scene to scene making clear and distinct points. The lead character, my wife, goes through a lot of other scenes as she moves her way through the play, but it's very fun to get to play my entire show scene-to-scene.

These rehearsals, of course, are just one of the things that I'm working on at the moment. I'm about to start directing CDD for the NYC Fringe Festival again, and I've just completed the second draft of my audio drama of Jekyll and Hyde. And like all good little actors, I've been keeping up the audition rounds, and I've had a few exciting things happen lately, which I will post about in the next few days. I promise.

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