Thursday, April 16, 2009

Current excitement

So as many readers will already know, I'm currently working as a background artist in a major movie that is shooting in Philadelphia. I had to sign a confidentiality agreement to work on the film, which is killing my writing habits. They've prohibited us from sharing anything that we're doing on the set, as well as anything that we learn about the design of the film or the plot of the film. I'm taking it very seriously, to the point where I'm not even tempted to say that I'm working on LAB. But put the clues together, maybe click over the link, and you'll see what I'm doing.

I've had some of this week off from work on the film, but I'm heading back for more work starting tomorrow. I've liked having some time off, but I'm ready to start working and making some money again. The constant need to find work is one of the worst aspects of this business. It's a challenge to line things up always looking 3-4 months in advance, trying to line up theatre gig after theatre gig and just string them together. Easily the worst part of acting.


JParis said...

I saw that web site the other day when trying to find out the background story to LAB. So, have you had a glimpse of Nicola Peltz yet??

Nick said...

I can't really say for sure, JParis, due to confidentiality papers I signed. But I may or may not have seen many of the leading actors training just like us background performers.

JParis said...

Oh, right, gotcha ;)