Friday, April 10, 2009


Hey everyone, remember that show up in Allentown that I'm working on? You know, the one where we were creating the piece ourselves based on faith and belief? Well, the school had a break and then a trip, so today was the first rehearsal for that project in a while. Since we last all met, we confirmed our performance cast, as well as finalized the rehearsal draft of the script. There might be some minor changes to be made, and I spent an hour or so re-writing one of the scenes that I had worked on months ago. We were racing the clock to finish the rough draft of the script, so the scene never quite came together like I wanted it to. But after talking to another cast member last night, I got a very clear idea as to what the scene needed to be. So I wrote it while everyone was rehearsing, and now that sequence is much stronger.

When I first started working on this show, I was excited to perform in a play that I would help write. But now that I'm not going to be onstage due to my other work, I'm finding a much different excitement in writing a show that others will perform. Much like directing in NYC in January, it's a strange thing. I'm not going to be onstage, but the actors will be speaking my words. It's something new for me, as I've never really written a play before. Sure, I've written movies that I've produced, but it's different to know they are working on this without me there. I have a hand in a film at all stages of work, but this project I'm writing scenes and then turning them over to the director and the actors. I'm very excited to see what they come up with.

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