Thursday, August 7, 2008

Adventures on Set

I'm actually approaching the end of my time on the set of GC, and it's been a wild ride. It was a huge novelty on that first day to be standing in front of the cameras while the crew went through the whole deal of "sound-camera-action." Then I watched them change light setups, tape down marks, move equipment, etc. Over the last few weeks, however, the novelty of the adventure wore off a little, but I'm pleased to say that the excitement did not. The actual process of making the movie holds much less mystery for me than it did a month ago. It has also been a wonderful test of my own work ethic and ability to focus. More so than before, I know what it takes to be a working on camera actor, and I know that I have those abilities within myself. I'm always very excited to go to work everyday, and I'm also not getting bored with the movie or the role.

I've always suspected that I'd be a great TV actor, since I'd always get to play the same character and play in the same world, but I'd constantly be doing new scenes and new stories. Theatre bores me because I'm always working on the same lines and the same story, but it's not like that at all in film. And the schedule is certainly more demanding, but that's another personal struggle that I matched and proved to myself that I could handle. Onward to bigger projects!

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