Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Palace of Gold

Sorry that I haven't been posting this month.....

Yesterday on our way to Bridgeport, WV, we stopped by a place called the Palace of Gold, outside Wheeling, WV. We saw it on the map, had no idea what it was, and I took our troup out that way. Turns out it was a Krishna temple, built for one of their founders. We saw both the temple and the magnificient palace, literally built on the top of a mountain. It was amazing. The palace boasted 50 different types of marble, hundreds of thousands of pieces of stained glass, and furniture imported from Bombay, India. The entire palace was assembled by the devotees of the order, without the benefit of professional skilled labor. Our guide said that they were literally reading "How-To" books on marble floors and stained glass windows. It was highly successful, as the palace is truly beautiful.

Now we are at our last stop on the tour, getting set for two days worth of shows and workshops. We still need to figure out just what exactly these workshops are going to be. We haven't done anything like it yet, so it promises to be interesting.

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