Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Break

Sure, it's only a couple of days. And, if you were to count the hours, we probably spent more time off the clock in Paducah, but there is no feeling to compare with being in your own house, your own neighborhood, your own bed. I've been cleaning my room and doing laundry, knowing that I'll be leaving again tomorrow night. And this time we're heading to Gettysburg, then Vermont, New Hampshire, and upstate New York. This is the sub-zero leg of our tour, and I have to be sure that I pack enough warm clothing to survive Vermont in mid-December. The worst is coming up, though, when we drive out and perform in Wisconsin in the month of January. I predict that we will see nothing but white as we drive up to the theatre that morning...

But it's been nice to come home. I've played with my cats, who missed me terribly, and I had a chance to get rid of all the clothes/books/DVDs I've collected on the road. It's kinda strange being home for such a small amount of time. It'll be different when we are home the whole month of December. We can get a job, hang out with friends, see family, etc. But these few days don't leave us a whole lot of time to do anything substantial. We only had time to relax. It works out, however, because that's what we needed to do the most.

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