Monday, November 27, 2006

The 14 Man Crew Strikes!

In our load-in today in Burlington, VT, we had 14 union stagehands helping us unload and raise our massive set piece. I don't think we beat our best time, but we didn't have to work very hard ourselves. It was only by the skin of my teeth that I managed to constantly stay a step ahead of the crew; whenever they came up to me and asked what was next, I always had an answer for them. It was rough going, and I had to think quickly more than once, but I did it. And as a result, I had a crew member do a lot of the things that I normally do as a part of the load-in. It was refreshing not to build the pumpkin!

Burlington is a great town. There is a main street in the downtown area that has shops, restaurants, and even a limited mall. We spent some time browsing and Christmas shopping while our TD finished his light focus, and I found three different book shops to browse. In the afternoon, some of our company members went and toured the Ben and Jerry's factory, which is based in Burlington. It was to them what Metropolis, IL was to me.

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