Friday, November 24, 2006

On the road again

The turkey leftovers are still sitting in the fridge, but we of the intrepid company have hit the road again and currently reside in Gettysburg, PA, a mere two hours from home. This is relatively close to home for us, and one of the only times that we will be perfoming in our own state. But historic towns do have their advantages, and we're staying in the Historic Gettysburg Hotel. While only a nice Best Western on the inside, the outside is really great architecture. We're staying on the main square of the town, and everything that we could want is in walking distance. I've already found two used bookstores that I need to hit up tomorrow in my down time. It's kinda nice to start off with a slow stint, gradually building into the hectic touring schedule again. But on the other hand, I'd much rather be curled up in my own bed, watching the James Bond movie marathon on Spike TV.

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