Thursday, April 15, 2010

We're a Hit!

After an exhilarating yet tiring of outdoor work on Monday that I’m not at liberty to discuss, I headed over to Plays and Players Theatre in Philadelphia to set up the equipment for the live performance of “Guilty=mc2.” I had to run pretty hard and fast through everything before the show, since I had to catch the trolley out to West Philly for a rehearsal for “Twelfth Night.” I helped Lucas and Andrea throw the equipment together, and then grabbed my bag and raced to my next port of call. Arriving only fifteen minutes late, I got into costume and participated in the sweatiest photo call I’ve ever been affiliated with. After the photos, we worked carefully and deliberately through the first act of our play, at which point I got out curious to know how the performance went over at Plays and Players.

The show went extremely well. Andrea told me how much everyone there liked the script, even laughing at the jokes that I thought were a bit of a stretch. When we got home, I listened to the live recording of the show, and I was super-pleased with how everything went. The actors were exactly on-point, the sound effects and technical mixing were perfect, and the audience was totally on board. I don’t often consider myself to be a funny writer, and so I was very happy to hear everyone laughing at my jokes.

This episode will be posted online this weekend on the regular schedule, even though I have no editing to do on the final piece. I’ll record my standard intro and outtro and mix them down into the episode, but the piece that goes online will be the unedited live performance. It went really well, so much better than I could have expected. So well, in fact, that it makes me consider doing it again for the sequel…

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