Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ports in Storms

Last week, I auditioned for a production of "Last Night of Ballyhoo," and I was not called back for the role I wanted. However, I got a call from the artistic director this week, asking me if I wanted to understudy two of the roles in the show. The offer wasn't to understudy one of the roles that I really wanted to play, but I felt like I shouldn't be choosy. I've auditioned for him a few times, for a few different shows, but he has never been able to offer me a role yet. So while this is still not a proper role in a mainstage show, I'll get a chance to have him see my work. I have wanted to work at this theatre for a few years now, so this is a good way to get my foot in the proverbial door. I don't really hold any of those understudy-type hopes that I'll have to go on and play the role one night (but let's face it. That would be cool.) But rather I see it as an opportunity to work with the theatre, and hopefully this opportunity will translate into a role in another show down the line.

Plus, I've never been an understudy before. When I was at the 'Row doing my internship, I had roles that I had to know in case I needed to go on. I also had roles in which I only had minimal time to prepare for a performance. Many of them were children shows or school tours, but very few of them were evening mainstage shows. This is much more of a professional setup for an understudy position, a much smaller time commitment, but much higher expectations. It'll be an interesting way to spend November.

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