Friday, July 18, 2008

Remember that time….?

Thursday's TOS in Love Park in center city Philly was marked by disasters both big and small. Small: an actress hitting her head on a set piece as she made her first entrance. Big: Our large backdrop scenic arch falling forward during the first scene, missing the three of us onstage by inches. Small: needing a crew member to stay in the dressing room during the show to make sure our stuff was safe. Big: cracking a piece of the stone ground after the set had fallen on it. Small: my hitting my own head as I went back into the dressing room at the end of the night. Big: very creepy fans who were far too interested in both Shakespeare and our female actors. Small: hearing a man nearby yelling at someone while we were running the show. Big: learning that he was yelling because someone else sat down on “Seymour” (his imaginary friend.)

Good times.

Apparently, there was also a controversy earlier in the set-up process about the security arrangements, parking arrangements, audience arrangements, power arrangements, flower arrangements, and table arrangements. It was a very challenging space to do the show, and the company isn’t even sure if they will be back there next summer. I also heard rumors that the theatre company wants to perform somewhere in the “Fairmount Park System,” but not specifically Love Park. The actors would all prefer the steps of the art museum, or even Fairmount Park itself.

We made our way to a bar/restaurant in University City, drinking and eating the pain away for half price. Can’t beat that! The whole evening was quite a way to cap off our performances in the city; we are all looking forward to hitting the suburbs again. It’s green out there!

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jeff p said...

Very humorous recap!