Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Now THAT'S more familiar

Remember that big dialogue scene I was excited to film yesterday? Well, the film crew was stuck in traffic on their way out to the film shoot. They were stuck behind an accident on Lincoln Drive, which meant that we didn't start filming until about an hour and half behind schedule. So while the director of photography and the crew were hurridly setting up the different shots, Sean and I were getting into costume, getting our mics set up, and running our dialogue. Technically scene 4, yesterday's shoot was for the opening scene of the movie, setting up our friendship and the stress that was between us. Steve was a little on-edge as we kept losing the light as the day dragged on and on. But later he told us that he is impressed by our ability to "act without pressure" as he called it. When the camera rolled, there was no hint of stress or strain in our performance. As he was complimenting us, I said thank you, but I also thought in the back of my head: Yea... that's what you hired us for. We're professionals, and that's what you get with professionals. So even when working quickly, working efficiently, and working under the deadline of mother nature, it was very rewarding to hear that compliment to my professionalism.

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