Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sex and violence, sex and violence

Fantastic stuff! Fantastic. Last night, we ran the second half of our show to great success. I made some fun choices that were very strong and different, a few of which worked and a few of which did not work. Working on this show, I find that I’m being both forced and encouraged to stretch myself creatively. I'm normally a very reserved and classical actor, but being in a show that is so unfamiliar to me, it forces me to come up with new tricks and use my techniques in different ways. For instance, I had a very long pause in one of my monologues last night. In a traditional play, such a long pause would not really work, but it was one of the director's compliments to me last night. He said that if the pause ever got any shorter than it was, he would come after me. He liked just what it was, which meant that my first instinct was dead on. It's nice to know I can do such good work, and exciting to have the chance to do something quite new.
After everyone else was released, Michelle and I continued to work on our dance/murder at the end of the show. Just like the time before, it was great to work one-on-one with her, with Tim advising and guiding our work. We came up with some great moves that combine sex with violence, including two lifts where I get to throw her around. It's fun work, although I realize one bicep is a little sore today. I still have two weeks or so to get into shape.

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