Saturday, September 8, 2007

Paper Cuts 2.0

This afternoon was the first meeting of the semester for the online TV series Paper Cuts. We had to go through a bit of housekeeping business, and we had to talk about schedules and commitments and schoolwork and plot twists. We got our schedule for the month of September, and it actually starts pretty soon. It's going to limit my time for Pella windows, and this upcoming week might actually be my last one there. Because I'll be working on Paper Cuts in the morning, then coming home to change and eat, and then I'll head off to Allentown in the evening to rehearse Big Love. It'll be long days but fun days.

I'm very excited to work on the show again. People have sometimes asked me how I choose which plays to do, or which jobs to accept, and I can only say that I choose what I think is going to be one of two things. I want things to either advance my career and skills, or I want to have fun. Recently, I've been very lucky about picking projects that do both for me. All of these projects are teaching me things, and I'm having a ball doing them. It was great to see everyone at the meeting today, and I promise, promise, that I will write about filming here on this blog. I'm really looking forward to it, even though it means that I have many more lines to learn.

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