Thursday, October 26, 2006

The much-anticipated Paducah

Paducah is fantastic. Our hotel has a very unique feel to it. It looks like it was built in the late sixties, achieved fame in the early seventies, feel out of vogue, and has turned into a ghost town. It was a huge building that was far too large for the amount of people that we saw wandering the halls at any given time. The town was very kind to us; on our first afternoon, we met two local musicians who play in a band, and they took us around and showed us some good restaurants and coffee shops, and they generally gave us the lay of the land.

The Carson Arts Center where we performed was very new and very beautiful. Two balconies adorned in deep red velvet draperies helped it resemble a movie house from the 1940s, and it had one of the largest fly spaces that I’ve ever seen. The crew was very helpful and all around wonderful, and the kids were very enthusiastic about the show. When Cinderella started to make her broom fly in circles, I heard a small voice cry out “How did she DO that?” The crew has also told me about a place 15 minutes away called Metropolis, Illinois, which is home to a giant Superman statue and a museum dedicated to the Man of Steel. I had no idea that we were ever going to be that close to the museum, so I’ll have to make the time to head out there.

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