Monday, October 23, 2006

Are You Watching Closely?

Another great day in Nashville, even if it was pretty cold. A front came in and dropped the temperature 15 degrees below the average, but we still managed to have a good time. We split up, and we managed to find a great Japanese restaurant near Music Row. More exploring of the city followed, including a trip to the Great War Memorial, the library, and a full-size replica of the Parthenon. But a large part of the afternoon was spent in a shop on Broadway where we all bought a pair of cowboy boots. So now all the Snakes on a Tour have a pair of authentic Nashville western-style boots. Appropriate for barn dances, ho-downs, trips to malls, and everything except black-tie events and load-ins.

Then we went for some dinner and an hour’s worth of games at Dave N Buster’s near the Grand Ole Opry. And since our show is all about magic, we went to catch a late night showing of “The Prestige.” The movie was pretty good; I’m not always the biggest Hugh Jackman fan, but I think he did a good job of giving the movie what the script called for. Christian Bale gave an excellent performance, but he wasn’t really given much to do in the film. And we could see the ending coming; the movie mystery didn’t stay far enough in front of the audience to keep us guessing. Tomorrow we’ll be arriving in Paducah, KY, and we’ll have to go back to being a touring theatre company. I have to admit, I’ve really enjoyed these few days of vacation. I hope we get some days like this again.

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