Saturday, September 16, 2006

Last and First

Yesterday was my last day in my temp summer position with Pella windows. I was responsible for scheduling the deliveries. Yes, I was the guy who called people up to say "Hi, we are going to be delivering your door tomorrow, please make sure you are home at 12:45 to receive it!" It was basically two tasks that you needed to understand, and then there were a thousand different variations on those two principle ideas. Like calculus. The office was a great place to spend the day, from Clausen the fish down to Moose the fish, and everyone else in our own little cubicled world. The boss was also considerate enough to allow me the time off for that first rehearsal week, so hopefully they can come check out any shows we have in Philly. One co-worker was more-than-appropriately delighted over the Julia Child corn maze. She must have a thing for bringing people together...

This is also the first post written in a Panera Bread from my new wireless laptop. My old computer was literally from the previous century, so I decided that an upgrade was in order before hitting the road. This way, updates to the blog and last-minute checks for directions can be done on the road as we go. As much planning ahead as I intend to do, it's going to be nice to have the flexibility once we hit the road. We can also crowd around the widescreen display to watch whatever movies we may bring, as well. The laptop will also serve me well after I return from the tour, too. My former computer was literally too old to load correctly.

Our second week begins tomorrow morning, and we'll all get together to see how much we remember about our show. After we assemble that monster of a set again.

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