Saturday, September 30, 2006

Driving into Ohio

So, we spent 14 hours on the road yesterday, finally reaching Ohio at 11:15 at night. We found our rooms, crashed, and then played a few rounds of Texas Hold-Em, in which I lost almost all of my little pieces of yellow paper. We're actors, we can't play for real money. At this point, we're looking forward to loading our set into the theatre this afternoon. The task itself is a little daunting, but we have enough time to sort things through and really work on this little project of ours. So we can learn how to do it right.

But... some highlites of the trip on the road include... Those in the van watching the truck as it maneuvered through narrow gaps and around other vehicles. The much-larger trucks that dwarfed ours by comparison, the big rigs looking down on their annoying kid brother who always follows them around the neighborhood. - "Hi... I'm Enchantment! Anyone wanna see a magic trick?" We also sampled the fine dining delights of "Steak N Shake" for dinner, while we tried to ward off the effects of the Starbucks everywhere. If we want anything other than gas station coffee that was brewed sometime in the last week, Starbucks is now our only option.

But it goes well so far. Lots of driving, and today lots of work. And then tomorrow we finally get to perform, and then load out. But on the plus side, we're staying at a kick-ass beach house when we get to South Carolina.

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