Saturday, February 19, 2011


Since the end of December, I have been in the running for a position in Philadelphia that would have suited me very well. The position was for a science-based non-profit organization, and I would have been working with their magazine and their podcast. It would have combined my long-time interest in writing and editing, and my newly-discovered interest in producing and creative directing. Salary, benefits, and the sort of job that I would have loved going to every day.

By now, you've probably noticed I am using the past perfect tense. "Would have.." So it's no surprise for me to tell you now that I wasn't offered the job. I found out on the Friday before the Valentine's day weekend, when I was booked to shoot a short film with a young filmmaker. (More information on that movie will be coming to this blog soon. Stay tuned...) So I did have something to take my mind off the bad news at first, when I headed out to Bucks county and had a great time shooting a short film. But when that film was over, I went right back to my somewhat exhausting, temp-jobbing life.

On one hand, nothing has changed. But on the other hand, the only change is that a possible "yes" has now become a definitive "no." I have to go out again and find a new job opening, apply, interview, etc, and hope to make it far enough to be considered for the position. And that's a daunting task, especially when I have to return to my temp-jobbing weeks. I am applying for some summer courses as well to help me realize my goals, so there is a long-term plan in place that I'm running toward. But that still doesn't make the day-to-day any easier.


Wildflower said...

I always find it interesting who respond to my comments so I hope you will as well. I am truly sorry you did not get what you wanted. But, out there is the perfect place for you. Easy for me to say as I am at the end of my career. I wish you were here. I could introduce you to some people who may find your talents just what they need. Anyhow, this business is tough and you know that. So, strengthen your gait, your skills and approach and something good will come your way!
Break a leg!
Mrs. Coccagna

Nick said...

Thanks for your kind words, Mrs. C. This whole experience has tested my faith in the larger picture, but I do have that faith. If I didn't get this job, it's because there is something better out there for me, and God is making sure I find it.

But having that faith in the larger plan can still make the day-to-day a little difficult. But thank you for your words, thoughts, and prayers, and I hope to have good posts to share soon instead of these bleaker ones.