Sunday, March 28, 2010

Twelfth Night publicity photo

Folks, I am already rehearsing my next show - playing Duke Orsino in "12th Night." I haven't been called for many rehearsals yet, which is why there have been few posts on the subject, but this past Saturday we had a photo call for promotional material. And I was given what might turn out to be my coolest costume in the last year. Here is one of the photos.
As soon as I was given that coat, which in person is much more of a royal blue, it immediately made me think of the coat that David Tennant wore when he played Doctor Who. And so I spent most of our photo shoot adoring my wardrobe. But in this photo, I look like I might be leading the League of Extraordinary Gentleman.

Best. Job. Ever.


Andrea said...

Sweet! I love the pipe organ - really an inspired location. Can't wait to see more shots (and the show!)

Nick said...

And the pipe organ is actually a part of the set for the show, not just the photo location. Shame they didn't use any of the photos where I'm wearing my goggles.

JParis said...

Nice threads!

Lena said...

I had no idea you were going to be in this - and looking so dapper while doing it! I hope I can make it out! Break those legs.