Monday, August 21, 2006


Welcome to Enchanting Journeys, the online blogspot that will (attempt) to chronicle the lives and travels of a group of actors working for Enchantment Theatre Company, as we tour the East Coast with a production of Cinderella. Enchantment Theatre is a company based near Philadelphia, PA, and the majority of their work is done with magic, masks, and puppets. Cinderella is no exception. We have masks for the Prince and Cinderella, and the stepmother and stepsisters are full-body puppets that the actors wear in front of them. Our show also has hand puppets, magic tricks, a very large set pieces, and lots of other fun stuff.

But now for the introduction... My name is Nick, and I play one of the stepsisters in this production. I am also the company manager for this tour, which means that it is my responsibility to make sure we have our driving directions, housing accomodations, and all business that may come up as we travel around this winter. I will also try to update this site as much as I can while we're on the road, so I hope you will check back for more information to see what we're up to.

Break a leg, and wish us well.

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