Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Some time ago, I met Justin and Chris, some fine folks from NYC who make movies together as Hard Boiled Productions. We met at a networking event where people took turns showing the short films they had completed. I had brought The Chrononauts and they brought their short film Duty Noted. I was really impressed with their style and their creativity, and we've stayed in touch since then. In fact, Justin has written three radio scripts for Radio Hound Productions, including "Under the Lamplight," the recent finale to Scream Til You Die Shocktober. We grab drinks when we are in the other's city, and I just went out to support them in early October at Project Twenty1, a Philadelphia film festival.

But it was when I saw their latest short film, "Time In," that I sent them an e-mail telling them how interested I was in working with them. I had originally meant for them to consider me as an actor for whatever they were producing next, but Justin sent me a script that he suggested we turn into a co-production between Hard Boiled and Radio Hound. His script is set in suburbia (which I have access to), and focuses on the dynamic between a somewhat-estranged brother and sister who have to deal with each other during the Christmas holidays.

What started as a cool idea has been a very active e-mail brainstorming sequence. The three of us trade emails about the script, the film, and the details of producing it, and our brain trust of film making is certainly coming up with some fun ideas that are making the original script stronger. We have tentative plans to film the movie over a weekend in January, but we're still trying to work out some logistical details of the shoot itself.

I'm really digging the idea of working with them. I've admired their work for over a year now, and I've gotten to know them both as really awesome guys. I'm also used to producing the Stray Dogs Project largely by myself, so I enjoy having collaborators who are developing the script and the project with me. We're also trying to get the project going pretty quickly and wrap it up pretty quickly, trusting to momentum to carry us forward. It's still a little too early to announce anything for sure, but it's an exciting project that might be coming along. Stay tuned for more.


Justin Muschong said...

You forgot to mention how handsome I am! Don't bury the lede!

Nick said...

I also forgot "pleasant." KRONK!