Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where I've Been (Part 2)

In the last posting on the blog, I talked about two shows in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. As I was working on these two shows, I was also writing and preparing The Peer-Reviewed Journals of Boson Higgs, Science Detective, a show I produced for the 2010 Wilmington Fringe Festival. At the first Fringe Wilmington last year, Radio Hound produced its first live audio drama, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. This year, our show was a comedy adventure of Boson Higgs, Science Detective. I had done a previous episode about Mr. Higgs for a live theatre event in April, and the Wilmington Fringe seemed a good time to bring that character back for a full-length project.

I wrote the script over a stressful two weeks, struggling a little bit to get the entire script done in time to have it printed and ready for the actors at the first rehearsal. But I did it, and I went to the first read-through with a stack of pages in my bag. When the actors arrived, we read through the script and I took pages and pages of notes on things to adjust for the next draft. I was up into the early morning that first night, making changes and improving the jokes before handing out all-new scripts on the second day.

We had a week's worth of rehearsal on the show, and we were fortunate that our rehearsal space was made possible by a generous donation from Flashpoint Theatre.
This meant that we could inhabit the space, get comfortable with the nightly routine, and also leave our equipment and props in a safe space overnight. The actors went through the shows, director Cara working the script moment by moment and really finding all of the comedy as well as all of the drama. I love working with her because she always takes my scripts and finds meaning and depth to them that is admittedly unintentional on my part.

Fringe Wilmington ran the first weekend of October. The shows were not very well attended, but everyone who saw the show really enjoyed it. I was very happy with the work that everyone did, and I'm already working on the next live show for Boson Higgs. More pictures from the show will follow soon, as will up-to-date reports on the school tour of "Hamlet" that I'm now rehearsing.

(The first picture is Jennifer MacMillan, Stephen Lyons, and Lucas Nguyen rehearsing a fight in the radio play. The second photo is Jensen Bucher and Lucas Nguyen as detective partners Brianna Green and Boson Higgs.)

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JParis said...

Good to have you back. I regret not being able to see your Fringe show. This year I wasn't able to be more than a supporter at heart.

I always enjoy the photos. Keep them coming.