Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Episode Online! - "CC'ed"

The 14th episode of the Stray Dogs Project is online, and you can listen to it at the usual site here: http://radiohoundproductions.org/Stray-Dogs-Project.php No pictures to go with the posting this week, as all of the recording was done backstage of my recent production of Henry V. In fact, the episode stars the entire cast of Henry V (myself included), and it was all recorded when I asked actors to show up early before the last three performances. In fact, I specifically wrote the script for these actors.
Because of all the craziness going on this week, I knew that I wouldn't be able to schedule a full-on legitimate recording session with all the actors. So I wrote a script in which everyone is alone when they speak, and then their individual speeches were edited into a longer conversation. It's another episode that experiments with the form of audio story-telling, and I think that this structure works really well and tells a good story.

And if some friends and frequent comment-writers on this blog (JParis, for one), notice some things that he thinks are based on my previous experience in an office setting.... Just let me tell him that "all similarities to persons living or dead are purely intentional."


JParis said...

Ah, those fun days are long gone. Humorous script, Nick. Now, which character was an intentional similarity to me...

JParis said...

Say, when did you post "Mugged"? Enjoyed that one too.