Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Episode Online! - "Please Hold the Line"

The newest episode of "The Stray Dogs Project" is now online! "Please Hold the Line" is the twelfth episode of our series, and it marks the first time we've tried something a little crazy - there is only one speaking character in this episode. We were kinda behind the gun on this episode, and I had one actor available, so I wrote the script specifically for her. It was a fun experiment, and I have another idea to try something like this again, but I am very interested to hear what the fans think. You can post a comment on the blog, or you can email me directly at to share your thoughts on this show, or any other. Thanks, folks, and enjoy!

Check it out at the usual link to our homepage, either, or you can look on the sidebar to the right of the post. On the website, go to the Projects Tab, and then The Stray Dogs Project.


JParis said...

I was skeptical at first but grew to really enjoy it. The subject matter was quite interesting. I think I related to it well because of hearing Dori's one-sided conversations every day.

JParis said...

Hi Nick. Hope you're well. Don't let your rising stardom make you neglect your fans! LOL