Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Re: Deadlines

Working with Radio Hound, I am producing our ongoing series call the Stray Dogs Project. We aim to record a new audio drama every two weeks, and then they are posted online in the alternating weeks. When you compress those schedules, that amounts to a project every week, whether it be writing and preparing the script or editing the final show. When the project first started, I had two scripts ready in that first week, and it was easy to move into the production phase after that. But after those first two shows, I realized that the deadlines kept coming up, and for three weeks now I have been running behind the gun and slightly behind schedule.

I've managed to keep up so far, and it's in no small part due to just a stubborn dedication to the project. I am determined to keep this project going, and part of that is just sitting down at the computer and typing some sort of story in order to meet the deadline for the next episode. It's great training to be a professional writer, and I also really enjoy how the act of writing is a self-perpetuating activity. The more often I sit down to write, the more often I want to sit down and write.

Ideally, the Stray Dogs Project will have a handful of staff writers and more occasional contributors outside of that core group. Also ideally, we can work and rush things a little so we can get a longer lead-time on our episodes. But those are larger dreams for the project; my small dream is to keep this series going. And right now, it looks like the series will keep going strong.

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JParis said...

So, you're accepting occasional contributions? Maybe that will incite me to turn off the panel (can't say tube anymore) and give my brain a workout for a change. Looking forward to the next post!